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Residential Property Intelligence

Magnify – Residential Property Intelligence

Magnify Residential Property Intelligence product provides your property insurance business with realtime and historical residential property attributes and analytics, delivering better assessment and management capabilities. Out of the gate, your company will have access to a wealth of residential data – and access to our machine learning and computer vision expertise to customize product implementation to meet your needs.

  • Benchmarking comparison enables before/after analysis for claims or business intelligence efforts
  • The most up-to-date intelligence on a property – facilitating damage assessment and fraud investigation
  • Residential property characteristics, risk factors, and on-parcel changes for underwriting pricing assessment
  • User friendly web-based portal – providing on demand and interactive information
  • Support for email notifications and report delivery
  • Easy integration and automation through an industry standard, REST based API

To learn more about Magnify, Slingshot’s property insurance intelligence product, please use our contact form to request a demonstration.