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Slingshot Data Platform

See through the fog of data

National leaders, decision makers, operators and military intelligence professionals rely on data and analytics to anticipate, discover, evaluate and respond in real-time. This requires the ability to connect the dots, under severe time constraints, while coordinating activity with partners.


The Slingshot Data Platform has been adapted for use in government and defense applications.  In conjuction with existing geospatial capabilities, our platform is a confidence multiplier in analytic judgment for military operations.

  • Multisource data ingestion, processing and delivery through repeatable, modular event streaming processes
  • Next-generation activity-based threat intelligence
  • Real-time geospatial data manipulation and pattern analysis
  • Deep learning intelligence to anticipate risk factors and behaviors of high interest
  • Near real-time GEOINT products for situational awareness and early warning


Slingshot offers defense solutions to empower threat analysts and mission planners at all levels while ensuring due diligence with regard to privacy, security and legal considerations.  With the ability to assimilate multiple data sources, identify change and assess risk we will leverage our Slingshot Data Platform to accelerate your data-to-decision process by rapidly transforming data into actionable intelligence.

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